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Features Of Admin
Q.1 Is the Administration Features, also in other language or only in English?
Admin interface will be multilingual in Penny auction version - 4.
Q.2 Do I have control over users bids? I mean if for example he will win 10 free bids can I simply add them to his account?
  Yes, you can transfer bid manually to any user account from admin interface.  
Q.3 Can I set or change the penny to any amount ?
  Yes, you can set it from admin interface.  
Q.4 How do you keep track of customers referring friends to give them credit?
  There is an module to keep track on ref. friends in admin interface.  
Q.5 Is there a feature to block IP addresses?
  Yes, block IP module is already in admin interface.  
Q.6 Can the website be easily edited?
  Yes, you would able to customize the website according to your requirement.  
Q.7 Please can you tell me how you add a new auction on the admin site for the penny auction site.
  New auction can be added from Upcoming auction live page from admin interface.  
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