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Cul es nuevo?
1. Perfil Galera de fotos
Usted puede tomar su encaje a travs de su cmara web o subir su actual encaje en su perfil.
2. Google Traductor
Administrador puede cambiar el idioma con los archivos de google traductor, que est incorporado en el panel de administracin
3. Mdulo de base de datos de copia de seguridad
Administrador puede tomar la base de datos de panel de administracin de copia de seguridad para mantener la informacin cuando las necesidades.
4. Testimonio de Gestin
Administrador puede permitir comentarios en el sitio web para mostrar que se reciben por parte de los usuarios.
5. Mltiples Administrador
Los administradores de varios niveles y con diferentes privilegios
6. Multi con soporte UTF-8
Ayuda de Multilanguage para todos los idiomas
7. Lengua y director de Marca
Administrador puede actualizar fcilmente archivos de idioma y puede administrar su sitio web multilinge para la bandera.
8. Mdulo de agua
Proteger el mdulo de agua del sitio de imgenes que pueden ser totalmente administrados por el administrador
9. Ajax Oferta Mdulo
Oferta Anticipada mdulo donde el usuario puede instantneamente oferta sin recargar la pgina en cada oferta.
10. Alerta llamativos para la atencin
Llamativos de alerta hace la atencin a todos los usuarios sobre un producto cuando cada vez que un usuario lugar de pujar por ese producto. Que ayuda a los usuarios acerca de una nueva oferta sobre este producto.
11. Reabrir cerrado subasta
Admin puede volver a abrir la subasta se cerr en el momento especfico dado por la administracin.
12. Admin Ver Stock
Administrador puede ver un stock de productos en particular en la lista de la subasta cerrada.
13. Seguridad de los archivos de Cron
Cron archivo no accesible el otro navegador.
14. Todas las subastas de tipos de Excel informe
Administrador puede obtener prxima cerrado y la subasta Corriente de informe hoja de Excel
15. Informe sobre la situacin de subasta
administrador puede obtener el informe sobre la situacin actual de funcionamiento de la subasta y cerr la subasta.
16. Compras
Administrador puede configurar la subasta particular directo a la venta.
17. Auto de licitacin
User can set minimum price maximum price and total bids for a particular auction.
18. Autobid Time
El usuario puede pujar en una subasta por fijar hora de inicio y hora de cierre.
Nmeros gratuitos para 220 pases, Seguro para incrementar el porcentaje de respuesta, proporciona una forma para que los clientes ponerse en contacto con su empresa sin ningn costo. Esto aumentar y explorar su negocio a ms clientes.
20. Marketing SMS con la palabra clave nica
Un robusto, flexible, rentable y completamente independientes-SMS solucin de marketing con la etiqueta nica palabra clave para su negocio para que toda su publicidad inmediatamente trazables y puede superar a la competencia y lograr un ROI positivo.
21. software de marketing por correo electrnico con acceso a cPanel
Poner su negocio en el alcance de ms clientes a travs de Email Marketing Software con acceso Cpanel para la seguridad, la velocidad y el acceso a nivel de raz. Ayuda a construir E-mail list objetivo rpidamente, proporciona beneficios para su negocio y aumentar dramticamente su base de clientes de E-mail marketing
22. PC Phone Call Software
hacer llamadas en cualquier parte del mundo desde su computadora a cualquier nmero, cuando quieras con una mejor calidad de sonido que cualquier otro telfono normal y no hay necesidad para la otra parte para tener una computadora o esperar su llamada.
23. SMS o MMS de la API para el mdulo de licitacin SMS
Al utilizar el SMS o MMS API para la licitacin del mdulo usted podr hacer una oferta en los productos a travs de SMS, que usted puede conocer la prxima subasta, subastas en vivo y da la capacidad de licitacin directamente en el producto o participar en la subasta a travs de SMS o MMS de la API.
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Technical Problems
Q.1 let us know if our programmer will be allowed by your template to make slight changes and to implement local payment methods ?
Yes, it can be customized easily by any programmer as we will provide you all source code.
Q.2 What is your auction scripts written in?
Q.3 What is the script built in ... is ALL of it in PHP?
  Its fully PHP based script.  
Q.4 How are you tested you releases to ensure that there are no bugs?
  All of our scripts are fully tested and we are here to fix any future bug for next 1 year without any cost.  
Q.5 How do you ensure that there are no loop holes in your logic that bidder can use to cheat?
  Script is tested on 33 + live websites which is working fine. So far we never informed about any loopholes.  
Q.6 Can you add a google checkout system to pay for bids?
  Yes, we can add google checkout system as payment gateway.  
Q.7 Is there ANYTHING else we will need or need to do short of installation to have a fully functionally replica of Auction Website?
  Installation having just 2 step only .  
Q.8 Would like more info about Robot module capability with your normal and penny auctions ?
  Robot Module is use to put automatic bid randomly on different products where other user will get impression of thousands user bidding on this website.This Feature was introduce to help for Fresh website which has few members in starting. Robot Module is fully manageable from admin interface. Robot Module is integrated with Penny Auction ver - 3 or higher version.  
Q.9 Robot Module is use to put automatic bid randomly on different products where other user will get impression of thousands user bidding on this website ?
  This Feature was introduce to help for Fresh website which has few members in starting. Robot Module is fully manageable from admin interface. Robot Module is integrated with Penny Auction ver - 3 or higher version.  
Q.10 Does this script require anything other than PHP 5?
  Below is server requirement: Apache version :Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) PHP version :5.1.2 MySQL version :5.0.18-nt for more details please find below url for server requirement: www.auctionwebsitescript.com/server-requirement.html  
Q.11 Is it open - meaning can we change code in it if we like, edit it, or edit the look?
  Yes, you can do customization as you wish in coding part. But you would not allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Q.12 Whether Penny Auction or Penny Auction 2 contains the script of BidButler? Or they have to be bought separately?
  Yes, it has bid butler module. And no need to bought separately.  
Q.13 Do you offer an upgrade path when the next version of the script is released?
  Yes, we would provide you all future upgrades for next version on very low cost for up gradation.  
Q.14 When you say flash look - do you use ajax or do you require the flash plug-in to be installed do the customers browser?
  For ajax no need of flash plugins because ajax is optimized JavaScript not flash.  
Q.15 I would like to see a working module so as it does not have bugs. Has it had extensive testing?
  System is fully tested and no bugs so far. Also we are here for tech support for next 1 year for any bug.  
Q.16 I would also like a different language and currency. Could you customize it for me?
  It's already done system is compatible for multilingual and currency which can be managed from admin interface.  
Q.17 In your feature list you display exact the same features ?
  Yes, there are all features.  
Q.18 We may would need some small changes at the script. How do you charge this?
  For small changes we would not cost and for Major changes it depends upon stuffs but it will be ver competitive prices for future updates and changes.  
Q.19 Can the auctions be stopped at a predetermined time so they do not run through the night. Example can the auction be paused between say 12:00 - 09:00?
  Yes, this module is already done.  
Q.20 How much testing has the test site had? i.e. how many hours and will I have support should something go wrong?
  So far system is fully tested and we would be responsible for next 1 year for any bug.  
Q.21 My Project is to start a webplattform like Auction-Website Script included lowest unique bid auction. Which of your packet is the best for this?
  For Auction-Website Script, best is Penny auction version 2 and version - 3.  
Q.22 How many different templates come with it or can I create my own ?
  We will provide you only one template. And other is depend on you.  
Q.23 How many of the Auction-Website Script features does your script have ?
  You can see feature list for each auction script.  
Q.24 What is the architecture needed to efficiently run this auction with 1000's of users ?
  We use advance JavaScript to optimize the performance of script. Also about to handle 1000's users you should have dedicated server with high bandwidth.  
Q.25 Do you collect and report statistical information? if so what kind of statistical info reports?
  Yes, you can see all reports in various interfaces.  
Q.26 Do you have a dummy robot that will monitor bids and place bids automatically to keep the auction going to ensure that the target price is hit? if so how does it work?
  Yes, that is Robot module can be set for each auction.  
Q.27 Can the application run under IIS + PHP + MySQL in Windows Server 2003 properly? If not, what is the best environment to run the application?
  Application run under apache + PHP + Mysql in widnows server 2003 . It may run under IIS server but so far we didn�t test it on IIS server. So we recommend you apache server.  
Q.28 Many auction websites has a feature called BidButler that can help a user do the bids automatically in last 10 seconds. For example, 10 users want to bid using bidbutler. All 10 users setup BidButler and then obviously all close their browsers. When the auction has no one watching it in real-time and it counts down to last 10 seconds (No Ajax call back now because all browsers are closed), how or what implements the BidBulter feature? This is all covered in what we are purchasing?
  Bidbutler mean auto bid even if user is not online or front of computer. So bidbutler will always work like above explanation.  
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