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Whats new ?
1. Profile Photo Gallery
You can take your snaps through your webcam or upload your existing snaps into your profile.
2. Google Translator
Administrator can change language files with google translator, which is inbuilt in admin panel
3. Database Backup Module
Administrator can take database backup from admin panel to maintain the information when needs.
4. Testimonial Management
Administrator can allow comments to display on Website which are received by users.
5. Multiple Administrator
Multi Administrators with different levels and privileges
6. Multilanguage with UTF-8 Support
Multilanguage support for all languages
7. Language and Flag manager
Administrator easily can update language files and can manage its flag for multilingual website.
8. Watermark Module
Watermark module protect site images which can be fully managed by administrator
9. Ajax Bid Module
Advance Bid module where user can bid instantly without refresh page on each bid.
10. Flashy Alert for attention
Flashy alert does attention to all users on a product when ever a user place bid on that product. Which helps to all user about a new bid placed on that product.
11. Reopen Auction
Administrator can Reopen the Closed auction at specific time as given by admin.
12. Administrator view stock
Administrator can view a particular product stock on closed auction list.
13. Cron file security
Cron file do not Accessible to other browser.
14. All type auction in excel report
Administrator can get upcoming,closed and current running auction excel sheet report
15. Auction status report
Administrator can get the auction status report of current running and closed auction.
16. Shopping
Administrator can set the particular auction to sale(without bidding).
17. Auto bidding
User can set minimum price, maximum price and total bids for a particular auction.
18. Autobid Time
User can bid on a auction by setting start time and close time.
19. Toll free numbers
Toll Free Numbers for 220 Countries, Sure to Boost your response rate, provides a way for customers to contact your company at no cost. This will enhance and explore your business to more customers.
20. SMS Marketing with unique keyword
A robust, flexible, cost effective & complete private-label SMS marketing solution with unique Keyword for your business to make all of your advertising instantly traceable and you can beat the competition and achieve positive ROI.
21. Email marketing software with Cpanel access
Put your business in the reach of more customers through Email Marketing Software with Cpanel access for security, speed and root level access. Helps to build targeted E-Mail list quickly, provides benefits for your business and dramatically increase your customer base for E-mail marketing!
22. PC to Phone Call Software
Make Calls anywhere in the world from your Computer at any number, any time you want with better Sound Quality than any other normal phone and no need for the other party to have a computer or wait for your call.
23. SMS or MMS API for SMS bidding module
By using the SMS or MMS API for bidding module you will be able to bid on the products through SMS, make you able to know the Upcoming Auction, Live Auctions and gives the ability bidding directly on the product or participate in the auction via SMS or MMS API.
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