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Whats new ?
1. Profile Photo Gallery
You can take your snaps through your webcam or upload your existing snaps into your profile.
2. Google Translator
Administrator can change language files with google translator, which is inbuilt in admin panel
3. Database Backup Module
Administrator can take database backup from admin panel to maintain the information when needs.
4. Testimonial Management
Administrator can allow comments to display on Website which are received by users.
5. Multiple Administrator
Multi Administrators with different levels and privileges
6. Multilanguage with UTF-8 Support
Multilanguage support for all languages
7. Language and Flag manager
Administrator easily can update language files and can manage its flag for multilingual website.
8. Watermark Module
Watermark module protect site images which can be fully managed by administrator
9. Ajax Bid Module
Advance Bid module where user can bid instantly without refresh page on each bid.
10. Flashy Alert for attention
Flashy alert does attention to all users on a product when ever a user place bid on that product. Which helps to all user about a new bid placed on that product.
11. Reopen Auction
Administrator can Reopen the Closed auction at specific time as given by admin.
12. Administrator view stock
Administrator can view a particular product stock on closed auction list.
13. Cron file security
Cron file do not Accessible to other browser.
14. All type auction in excel report
Administrator can get upcoming,closed and current running auction excel sheet report
15. Auction status report
Administrator can get the auction status report of current running and closed auction.
16. Shopping
Administrator can set the particular auction to sale(without bidding).
17. Auto bidding
User can set minimum price, maximum price and total bids for a particular auction.
18. Autobid Time
User can bid on a auction by setting start time and close time.
19. Toll free numbers
Toll Free Numbers for 220 Countries, Sure to Boost your response rate, provides a way for customers to contact your company at no cost. This will enhance and explore your business to more customers.
20. SMS Marketing with unique keyword
A robust, flexible, cost effective & complete private-label SMS marketing solution with unique Keyword for your business to make all of your advertising instantly traceable and you can beat the competition and achieve positive ROI.
21. Email marketing software with Cpanel access
Put your business in the reach of more customers through Email Marketing Software with Cpanel access for security, speed and root level access. Helps to build targeted E-Mail list quickly, provides benefits for your business and dramatically increase your customer base for E-mail marketing!
22. PC to Phone Call Software
Make Calls anywhere in the world from your Computer at any number, any time you want with better Sound Quality than any other normal phone and no need for the other party to have a computer or wait for your call.
23. SMS or MMS API for SMS bidding module
By using the SMS or MMS API for bidding module you will be able to bid on the products through SMS, make you able to know the Upcoming Auction, Live Auctions and gives the ability bidding directly on the product or participate in the auction via SMS or MMS API.
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new to auction
Q.1 What is an auction ?
A system where potential buyers place competitive bids on assets and services. The asset or service in question will sell to the party that places the highest bid. In most cases, sellers will pay a listing fee to the auctioneer, regardless of whether the item actually sells for the desired price in short A method for selling an asset to the highest bidder.
Q.2 What do I get when I buy your penny auction ?
  You can see all feature for each script and we provide all source code with each scripts.  
Q.3 Is source code and database included ?
  We will provide you all source code and db but you would not allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Q.4 Do you provide an after service if i need to add to the website?
  Yes, we are always open to customize script in future.  
Q.5 Can website be fully edited, graphics etc?
  Yes, you can edit the website and graphics according to your requirement as we will provide you all source code.  
Q.6 What is your auction scripts written in?
Q.7 I am looking for a Auction Website Script clone, I saw your projects and they are looking nice. Is it possible to add some features to penny auction ver-2 ?
  Yes, we can add any feature you want no problem.  
Q.8 What is the features of Penny Auction 2 ?
  Below are extra features in Penny auction ver 2:
1. Flash alert on each bid update
2. Bid update without page refresh
3. Optimized image module
4. Optimized scripts to load site fast
Q.9 What is the BidButler auction package?
  Bid butler module is for members using that members can put automatic bid on a particular product even if they are not live on website. Bid butler is also manageable from admin and with many criteria to select by member.  
Q.10 Is bidbutler integrated into penny auction ver 2 ?
  Yes, bidbutler already integrated in penny auction ver 2.  
Q.1 Can you add a google checkout system to pay for bids?
  Yes, we can add google checkout system as payment gateway.  
Q.2 Also the bidder list will be required to show bidder, date, time and no current bid amount ?
  Yes, we will do this without any cost as its minor changes.  
Q.3 Is source code and database included ?
  We will provide you all source code and db but you would not allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Q.4 Do the different templates shown on your web site come with the purchase of the penny scripts?
  You can choose any one templates only.  
Q.5 When I buy the Software from u will I also get the templates from ur homepage ?
  Yes, we provide one unique design with Version - 3 without any extra cost and for other version we provide one regular design without any extra cost.  
Q.6 Are your auction software packages still available for purchase?
  Yes, Of course all auction software are available.  
Q.7 Hello. Do you have Short Message Service Payment support?
  SMS is only for bidding via mobile its not for payment support. If you need SMS payment service we can integrate that too.  
Q.8 Do you have something like "portfolio"? Some examples of working auctions on your engine?
  We cannot disclose our client’s details as we have signed up NDA with them.  
Q.9 Will you send me the FTP details to allow me to control the CMS?
  Yes, we will send you ftp details if you need.  
Q.10 I presume for the price you can include the custom logo which I will confirm the name shortly ?
  Yes, no problem about logo we will customize it without any extra cost.  
Q.11 When would you require the details for what I require on the logo?
  You can send the details along with order confirmation.  
Q.12 Will you give us all the original source code without encrypting it by products such as ion cube, Zend Optimizer?
  There is nothing encrypted like ion cube or zend. we will provide you all source code. But you would not be allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Projects Online
Q.1 I see you have a telebid clone do you also have a Auction-Website and does your telebid have all working functions?
  Yes, we have done Auction-Website Script clone as well you can find our Auction web store on below URL :
Q.2 What is the new feature in Penny auction Version - 3 ?
  New Features in Penny auction version – 3
1. Flash look on each bid update
2. Bid update without page refresh
3. Optimized image module
4. Optimized scripts to load site fast
5. Robot Module
6. Multilingual support with UTF -8
7. Water mark module for all products images
Server Requirement
Q.1 I'm concerned about possible downtime, crashes, security, etc. ?
  Downtime depend on your hosting server and our server has 99.9% uptime. we are responsible for security issues.  
Software Delivery
Q.1 When I purchase the script, is it an online download?
  No, after you purchase the script we will send the script to your email id in zip format.  
Q.2 After I make the purchase how do I get the software?
  Software will be provide in a zip file to your E-mail address within 12-24 hours after your Order confirmation by our Billing department.  
Q.3 Basically the complete package tested and delivered to me. Also I need to know the time frame to complete the project?
  We need 1 day for installation but if you need unique design it would take 3-4 days.  
Q.4 How long will it take to deliver me a completed site from order?
  We need 12 - 24 hours after order confirmation from our Billing department.  
Hosting & Domain
Q.1 How does the domain and hosting work, if i have a domain and hosting how do i get the script and website live and running ?
  If you have your own domain and hosting then we can install script on your server easily, with out any problem.  
Q.2 I'd like to get the domain and hosting from you as well ?
  We can provide you domain name and hosting with 99.95 uptime.  
Q.3 I am interested just in hosting, I will take care of the domain myself ?
  OK, No problem we will setup hosting account for you where your domain will be point out.  
Q.4 Do all I need to do is supply you with the url name? Please advise asap?
  Yes, Domain name will be according to your choice.  
Q.5 OK, that's fine. Maybe we can work on this later. So I think we got a deal. What do you need from me except money? I'd like to get domain and hosting as well ?
  We are offering one domain free for one year and hosting just cost of 25$ or you can have domain and hosting from elsewhere.  
Q.6 What does hosting mean?
  Hosting simply refers to where does your web site get delivered or run from. For a web site to exist and be accessible to the world, it must be on a web server. That web server must be always connected to the internet and running so that your website is available to anyone at any time around the world. Hosting is just who or what machine is going to be doing that for your site. Most site operators choose to let a hosting company do this for them. These companies go by a few different names such as web host, or ISP (Internet Service Provider).  
Q.7 Can I choose any hosting company?
  Yes, we build xcAuction to run on a wide variety of common hosting configurations. It can be installed on shared hosts, where a single large web server may run multiple web sites. Or for high performance or high security situations, it can be run on dedicated servers.  
Technical Problems
Q.1 let us know if our programmer will be allowed by your template to make slight changes and to implement local payment methods ?
  Yes, it can be customized easily by any programmer as we will provide you all source code.  
Q.2 What is your auction scripts written in?
Q.3 What is the script built in ... is ALL of it in PHP?
  Its fully PHP based script.  
Q.4 How are you tested you releases to ensure that there are no bugs?
  All of our scripts are fully tested and we are here to fix any future bug for next 1 year without any cost.  
Q.5 How do you ensure that there are no loop holes in your logic that bidder can use to cheat?
  Script is tested on 33 + live websites which is working fine. So far we never informed about any loopholes.  
Q.6 Can you add a google checkout system to pay for bids?
  Yes, we can add google checkout system as payment gateway  
Q.7 Is there ANYTHING else we will need or need to do short of installation to have a fully functionally replica of Auction Website?
  Installation having just 2 step only .  
Q.8 Would like more info about Robot module capability with your normal and penny auctions ?
  Robot Module is use to put automatic bid randomly on different products where other user will get impression of thousands user bidding on this website.This Feature was introduce to help for Fresh website which has few members in starting. Robot Module is fully manageable from admin interface. Robot Module is integrated with Penny Auction ver - 3 or higher version.  
Q.9 Robot Module is use to put automatic bid randomly on different products where other user will get impression of thousands user bidding on this website ?
  This Feature was introduce to help for Fresh website which has few members in starting. Robot Module is fully manageable from admin interface. Robot Module is integrated with Penny Auction ver - 3 or higher version.  
Q.10 Does this script require anything other than PHP 5?
  Below is server requirement: Apache version :Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) PHP version :5.1.2 MySQL version :5.0.18-nt for more details please find below url for server requirement: www.auctionwebsitescript.com/server-requirement.html  
Q.11 Is it open - meaning can we change code in it if we like, edit it, or edit the look?
  Yes, you can do customization as you wish in coding part. But you would not allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Q.12 Whether Penny Auction or Penny Auction 2 contains the script of BidButler? Or they have to be bought separately?
  Yes, it has bid butler module. And no need to bought separately.  
Q.13 Do you offer an upgrade path when the next version of the script is released?
  Yes, we would provide you all future upgrades for next version on very low cost for up gradation.  
Q.14 When you say flash look - do you use ajax or do you require the flash plug-in to be installed do the customers browser?
  For ajax no need of flash plugins because ajax is optimized JavaScript not flash.  
Q.15 I would like to see a working module so as it does not have bugs. Has it had extensive testing?
  System is fully tested and no bugs so far. Also we are here for tech support for next 1 year for any bug.  
Q.16 I would also like a different language and currency. Could you customize it for me?
  Its already done system is compatible for multilingual and currency which can be managed from admin interface.  
Q.17 In your feature list you display exact the same features ?
  Yes, there are all features.  
Q.18 We may would need some small changes at the script. How do you charge this?
  For small changes we would not cost and for Major changes it depends upon stuffs but it will be ver competitive prices for future updates and changes.  
Q.19 Can the auctions be stopped at a predetermined time so they do not run through the night. Example can the auction be paused between say 12:00 - 09:00?
  Yes, this module is already done.  
Q.20 How much testing has the test site had? i.e. how many hours and will I have support should something go wrong?
  So far system is fully tested and we would be responsible for next 1 year for any bug.  
Q.21 My Project is to start a webplattform like some auction websites included lowest unique bid auction. Which of your packet is the best for this?
  For auction website, best is Penny auction version 2 and version - 3.  
Q.22 How many different templates come with it or can I create my own ?
  We will provide you only one template. And other is depend on you.  
Q.23 How many features does your script have ?
  You can see feature list for each auction script.  
Q.24 What is the architecture needed to efficiently run this auction with 1000's of users ?
  We use advance JavaScript to optimize the performance of script. Also about to handle 1000's users you should have dedicated server with high bandwidth.  
Q.25 Do you collect and report statistical information? if so what kind of statistical info reports?
  Yes, you can see all reports in various interfaces.  
Q.26 Do you have a dummy robot that will monitor bids and place bids automatically to keep the auction going to ensure that the target price is hit? if so how does it work?
  Yes, that is Robot module can be set for each auction.  
Q.27 Can the application run under IIS + PHP + MySQL in Windows Server 2003 properly? If not, what is the best environment to run the application?
  Application run under apache + PHP + Mysql in widnows server 2003 . It may run under IIS server but so far we didn’t test it on IIS server. So we recommend you apache server.  
Q.28 Many auction websites has a feature called BidButler that can help a user do the bids automatically in last 10 seconds. For example, 10 users want to bid using bidbutler. All 10 users setup BidButler and then obviously all close their browsers. When the auction has no one watching it in real-time and it counts down to last 10 seconds (No Ajax call back now because all browsers are closed), how or what implements the BidBulter feature? This is all covered in what we are purchasing?
  Bidbutler mean auto bid even if user is not online or front of computer. So bidbutler will always work like above explanation.  
Customer Support
Q.1 How long is you support?
  We provides 1 year instant support for any bug in our script.  
Payment Method
Q.1 Is payment due in full before any testing?
  To confirm order you need to pay 100% payment for script.  
Q.2 What payment interfaces do you have ?
  We have integrated Paypal, Authorize.ent (for credit cards) as payment gateway.  
Q.3 Payment Gateways?
  We have integrated Paypal and Authorize.net(for credit cards) as payment gatway to all our scripts.  
Q.4 Finally how do I buy the package on your website?
  Please find below url for payment method. http://www.auctionwebsitescript.com/payment-methods.html  
Q.5 How do I can pay you to purchase the script?
  OK, No problem. Please find below url for payment method. http://www.auctionwebsitescript.com/payment-methods.html  
Term & Condition
Q.1 Do you have two user id and passwords so I can place some test bids as a user?
  Sorry this is not available in demo version but we can provide this after your order is confirm and after than you can check it.  
Q.2 Do the different templates shown on your web site come with the purchase of the penny scripts?
  You can choose any one templates only.  
Q.3 I would like to test how the bidbutler works. For this purpose I need at least a few users have Bids in order to have an opportunity for those users to start bidbutler as well as I could create my auction in cms. Could you please give this opportunity?
  We can understand your requirement. But for demo version it is not possible for us to provide a demo in such deep testing. We assure you for bidbutler as its working find and if you would need any changes in this process we would be able to do that without any extra cost.  
Q.4 Can I make changes myself or is your PHP code encrypted by ZEND Optimizer?
  There is no encryption but you would not allowed to resell this script commercially.  
Q.1 I see pricing for several types of auctions. What is the price for a complete auction site that works identical to perfect auction website ?
  There are three type of auction which is identical to perfect auction website
1. Penny auction
2. Penny auction version - 2
3. Penny auction version - 3
The pricing is depends on version that you choose.
Q.2 What is your rates for customizations?
  Customization rates depend on module or features you will require. But it will be very competitive.  
Q.3 Please let us know if you could offer us a discount in case we decide to purchase it ?
  Our prices are very competitive so we are not able to offer any discount in price at the moment.  
Q.4 Let us know if you could offer us any discount?
  For penny auction and penny auction ver 2 there is no discount avail so far as it has flat price.  
Q.5 Do you have money back period?
  We have showed demo on our website and we can do whatever customization you need as there is everything possible. After deliver of project there is no money back option. So we suggest you to check demo first and let us know your exact requirement before buying our scripts.  
Q.6 My proposal would be that you make the changes to the unique bid price section of the software to a fixed price, or if the original penny auction option can accommodate this would be great (detail required) ?
  OK, We can do this change without any extra cost.  
Q.1 Do you have a customer who is actually using your auction product that I can see?
  Sorry, we can not disclose our client details.  
Q.2 Also do you have a working site you can show me who you have produced work for?
  Sorry, we cannot disclose our client details.  
Advance In Script
Q.1 Is it possible to complete other kinds of auctions, just like 5 bid auction, 1 Bid auction, half price auction, End price for free, fixed price auction (only the bid decides who can have the article), power auction (max. 5 seconds more addition on latest bid), floor price not reached and everyone gets back his bits etc...?
  Yes, we can do all these kind of auctions but you have pay cost extra.  
Q.2 Are these auction types nail biter, 100% off, fixed price & lowest/highest unique?
  Only ver3 has nail biter, 100% off, fixed price & lowest/highest unique.  
Q.3 I see your script does English and German. What If I wanted Italian, English and German?
  Yes, you can add more languages from admin interface as there is an language manager module in admin interface to manage all language and flags.  
Q.4 Everything in the site seems to be setup for British pounds -- I need everything for US dollars including date and currency formatting. Does it costs extra?
  Yes, admin can set their currency and date format from admin interface, which is already included. It would not cost extra if you buy script.  
Q.5 I asked can the website be set up in UK pounds NOT Euros - Please confirm?
  In admin interface there is an option to set currency where you can select either UK ponds, USD Or Euros currency which will be set on whole website.  
Features Of Admin
Q.1 Is the Administration Features, also in other language or only in English?
  Admin interface will be multilingual in Penny auction version - 4.  
Q.2 Do I have control over users bids? I mean if for example he will win 10 free bids can I simply add them to his account?
  Yes, you can transfer bid manually to any user account from admin interface.  
Q.3 Can I set or change the penny to any amount ?
  Yes, you can set it from admin interface.  
Q.4 How do you keep track of customers referring friends to give them credit?
  There is an module to keep track on ref. friends in admin interface.  
Q.5 Is there a feature to block IP addresses?
  Yes, block IP module is already in admin interface.  
Q.6 Can the website be easily edited?
  Yes, you would able to customize the website according to your requirement.  
Q.7 Please can you tell me how you add a new auction on the admin site for the penny auction site.
  New auction can be added from Upcoming auction live page from admin interface.  
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